Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm not hitting on you but...

One of the more mature men that I work with (most of the guys I work with are under the age of 40; this one is not) just asked me why I wasn’t out with the unit.  I told him that I was at the gym at 5:00 AM & finished by 6:20.  He said, “I’m not hitting on  you, really I’m happily married, but it’s very obvious that you hit the gym hard & often.”  Bwhahahahaha!  My cynical side just can’t help but think, “yeah, right, you’re not hitting on me.  Go away.”  But I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel REALLY good.  I’m coming up on my 46th birthday.  I don’t feel my age & I don’t want to LOOK my age.  I love that I can still rock a pair of tight Lucky’s & a bikini if I want to. 


And just because it really happened—there is a 19 year old that I used to work with that is always asking me why I won’t go out with him.  Because, dude, I’m old enough to be your mother & that’s just gross!


So I posted on facebook—Roxi’s surgery went well.  She is recovering really well; doesn’t seem to be in any pain but does have a lot of fluid build-up around the wound.  It makes me nauseous to look at it.  The vet said they do believe it’s a cancerous tumor but something that a lot of boxers get, have removed, and are cured.  I hope that’s all it was. 


My workout was AWESOME today.  I did legs.  I hit them really hard. 


DB dead lift FF: 40 lbs

Romanian deads: 85 lbs

Leg curls: 55 lbs for 2 sets, 50 lbs for 2


I finished up with BodyRock’s Sweet Punisher workout:


30/10 reverse lunge jumps for 6 rounds.  I wanted to quit after 3 but had my little 19 year old cheerleader watching me so that kept me going.  This was followed by 3 rounds for time of:


10 spiderman push-ups (this probably should have been 10 each side but I only did 5)

30-2 jumps forward, 1 jump back

20 side crunches (this I did do 20 each side)


I finished in about 7 minutes.  I was DONE.  My calves are already sore.  I’ll bet I can’t walk out of here this afternoon.  LOL




Doin the Math said...

Hot mama! :)

I'm loving those bodyrock workouts, even though I do end up modifying more than a few of them. I think I'm going to do them just once a week, maybe twice, like a functional workout.

I have to try Wendy's BOSU burpees tomorrow, if no one is there to see me fail, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, he was definitely hitting on you! You go, girl!

Wennndy said...

I think he was hoping you'd say, "Oh that's too bad, because I was hoping that you were."

Boys are dumb. :)

But it sure does good to feel good, doesn't it?

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