Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two weeks ago I decided I had had enough of this fitness bull shit.  I quit.  I quit the gym.  I quit the nutrition.  I quit the groups.  I Q.U.I.T.!!!!

For 2 weeks I didn't eat right.  I ate what I wanted when I wanted it.  I ate cake.  I ate burgers & fries & milkshakes & cheesecake & cookies & hoagies (aka subs) & pasta & WHITE bread & fat & carbs...You name it; I ate it.   Burp.

I didn't go to the gym.  The most strenuous exercise I participated in was walking Knuckles.  OH YEA!

On Sunday I woke up ready to get back at it.  I felt like I had been on vacation.  I was rested & happy.  I planned my nutrition & packed my gym bag.

On Monday I hit it.  I'M BACK!

I put on 5 lbs of water & have lost all but 1.5 lbs of it.  Not too bad considering.  I'm not doing anything other than regular nutrition.

Tonight I am going to Erin's tasting event for her wedding.  My plan is to have a bite of almost everything but no more.  I won't be doing more than a bite of cake.  No need.  More importantly no desire.

I have a goal to be back to where I was in April 2011 within 9 weeks.  It's only 13 lbs & very do-able.

Watch me morph.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

completely not fitness related...

John has started dating. This makes me really happy for him! Erin said it's weird talking to him about his dates but he is having fun & that makes her happy.

I wanted to shout for joy when she told me.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I got back to the gym for 4 days & ate on target all week.  I lost 2.2 lbs.  Yay!  I'm still 5 lbs up from where I was before vacation but whatever, I'm back in the saddle.  I feel good about my nutrition & where I am.  That's the important thing right now.

I didn't get to the gym on Friday because I woke up feeling clingy (PMS sucks this month).  We laid in bed & talked from 4:30 until 6:15 which almost made both of us late for work.  We talked about all sort of stuff.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just stuff.  It was good.

I'm looking forward to another great week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vacation + Bad Cold = WEIGHT GAIN

I ate like a pig.  Didn't exercise.  Didn't drink enough water.  I got sick.  I gained 10 lbs in a week.  Really!  I'm not completely freaked.  A little but not completely.

I have a plan & that's what matters.

I am going to start eating right again tomorrow (I'm blogging at 8:30 PM).  I will start working out again when my head doesn't feel like it's the size of a basketball.  When I am back on track I've got to be more consistent with my journal here, too.  I feel like that is probably the key to my success.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm still struggling to get it back together.  I'm trying everything under the sun.  For the last week I've been getting up a little later & not beating myself up for not getting my entire cardio workout in.  I feel a little better this week.

I have started using Stephanie's advice more.  I'm emailing her a couple times a week to get pushed.  I love her!  I think knowing my coach personally has made a huge difference in how I communicate with her.  Not that I think Rachel wasn't good.  I just didn't feel connected the way I do with Steph.

This morning I got an email from Steph this morning telling me that she talked to Cathy about me.  I think that is sooooo cool!  Advice back, cut down on my cardio to 30 minutes a day & concentrate on building muscle.  "Lift like a mad woman!"  So, tomorrow is leg day...Guess who will be increasing her weights on EVERYTHING!

She's increasing my fat intake to 3 TBS a day but leaving the rest of my nutrition in place.  I'm going to stop using the Isagenix twice a day because I am finding that I miss real food.  I'll be doing a shake in the morning before my workout.  I think that will help me tremendously.

I still have no real goals.  I don't have any special events coming up & I'm not going to compete in the near future (or maybe ever).  I'm just going to concentrate on eating better & building some muscle.  We'll see where it goes from there.

Monday, September 19, 2011

EH.  That is all.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Have found my nutrition mojo again. I'm losing again. Steve is back on days so I have to watch myself. He sat feeding me ice cream tonight; 4 bites.

I feel good in the gym. I increased my weights on almost everything this week, even if only for 1 set & then back down again. I am done playing around. My photo shoot pics tell a tale...More work to be done. I've kicked up the cardio, too. Doing sprints on the tread mill with a crazy incline. Sweat fest!!!

If I didn't send you the link & password, let me know. I tried to get everyone.

I'm hoping to hit the gym in the morning before the hurricane hits us.

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