Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer squash is green (?)

I bought a different summer squash yesterday.  I always thought the yellow squash was summer squash.  I’ve never had this kind before.  I thought I would branch out & try something new. picture is what I bought…


I  made it through the weekend without eating more than I should.  I have my lunches planned out.  I still need to cut up some vegetables and melon that I bought yesterday but I have frozen green beans, edamame, fruit & spinach for today.  I have 3 oz of shrimp, ¾ c yogurt, a shake, and 3 oz of tuna for my meals today.  I know I should probably have one more but I get home about 2 hours before John so I’ll grab a yogurt or cottage cheese when I get there.  For my starchies I have a Lavash bread to put my tuna on with the spinach.  I had ½ c dry oatmeal which I cooked with water & added ½ c almond milk to give it some flavor.  Tonight I’ll make some Kashi pilaf for dinner & have 1/3 c of that because it is VERY high in carbs. 


Today was back & arms.  I was supposed to do pull-ups but our gravitron is broken & I can’t pull myself up on the bars & I just don’t jump high enough.  I tried to have Kimberly boost me up but we got giggling so hard I was afraid she was going to drop me or that I would kick her in the gut.  Neither prospect sounded good to me so I just passed on them today.  I might get some in this evening when I go home.  I can reach my bar.  LOL


I did:


Overhand BB rows: 95 lbs – this is PB!!!

Pullovers: 35 lbs—I need to increase these


Side lateral raise: 15 lbs

Curls: 20/15

Tricep extensions: 30/35/42.5 lbs


I finished up with 25 minutes steady state & 5 minute Tabatas—I did 5 minutes because I just wasn’t feeling exhausted after 4 minutes.  I was running at 8 MPH on the treadmill so I’m not sure what’s up with that.  Next time (later in the week) I will do something a little harder—maybe squats with an overhead press or something. 


Did I tell you that Joe got accepted to East Stroudsburg University?  He will start there in the fall.  He’s going to go home on May 15 & start working Skytop Lodge.  He has worked there before & has an uncle that works there.  He makes really good money so he’s excited about being a full-time permanent employee there.  I worry about him dropping out of school.  He’s so damn smart.  This kid can remember the craziest stuff from books that he reads & he will read almost anything he can get his hands on.  He’s a pain in the ass and I’m glad he’s leaving but I don’t want to see him fail, either.

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Laura said...

Super-strong workout, Deb!! Way to go!

I'm so pleased Joe is moving on. Hopefully he will succeed in school and on the job. Mostly, though, I'm glad you and John will be getting your house back :)

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