Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm feeling back on my game. I have already started to put my lunches together for the week. I've got it planned out. My proteins are tuna, shrimp, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs, tilapia & chicken. I'm going to make wraps with Lavash bread (I love it!!!!) & salads. I'm going to the produce store tomorrow & picking up a my usual broccoli, cauliflower, & squash. I have frozen green beans & edamame.

I'm all set!

I have The End of Overeating on CD from the library. I don't know if I'm going to listen to it or not. I sort of guessed that salt, fats & carbs have addictive qualities as those are the types of food that set me off. The reviews on Amazon & BN are mixed. I had to go to the library today so I picked it up...We'll see. Thank you all for your input. I really do appreciate that you are here for me!!!


Wennndy said...

Yay for feeling back on your game! :-)

Kim said...

Pre-planning and prepping are key. My eggs, steel cut oats and 2 individual servings of 0% fat greek yogurt w/ fresh strawberries are all set. Today, I will grill 3 lbs. of chicken breasts. I'm going to cook off some quinoa, too. I looked at a new "Hungry Girl Cookbook" yesterday. I did not buy it. I don't need another cookbook or reference book telling me what to do. We all need to stop screwing around and do what we know we should be doing. Having someone to do the meal prep in advance is a nice dream. But that's all it is... a fantasy. Let's take it day by day and week to week. We can do this!

Wennndy said...

Just planned all my meals for the week too. Wootwoot!

Deb said...

Kim, you nailed the biggest reason that I can't decide if I'm ever going to listen to The End of Overeating. I know what to do. I know why I do what I'm not supposed to do. I plan my meals every week. The day of my donut binge I had a lunchbox full of health food. I just need to do.

I've got to do it a little more micro than day by day but literally meal by meal. We can do it!

Thanks for your encouragement.

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