Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If you have the time

The Director of Operations asked me if I know how to print 2 calendars back to back without jumping through all kinds of computer gymnastics.  I told him that I would play with Outlook & see what I could find.  His response was, “hey, don’t go nuts, I don’t want to interrupt what you are doing.  If you have time sometime today I would appreciate it.” 


I HAVE MORE TIME THAN I CARE TO TALK ABOUT. I’ve suggested that I take over certain projects & have been shot down.  I’ve offered to do some clean up & have been shot down.  I’ve ASKED for more work because I’m bored out of my f*cking mind & have been told that they just haven’t figured out how to utilize me yet.  It’s been 2 months.  I think it’s time to figure it out. They are paying me a boat load of money to sit here & do nothing.  I’ve gone from one extreme to the other. 


What do I do all day?  This is what I would put on my resume if I had to do it right now…


·        Show Airman how to operate the copy machine

·        Show Airmen how to operate the fax machine

·        Copy and paste my boss’ calendar into a Word document

·        Take my boss’ Blackberry to the Help Desk for repair

·        Put important meetings on my boss’ calendar

·        Open the supply room door for Airman


That is all I have done for the last week.  Woohoo. 


Really-given the situation I came from I shouldn’t complain.  I prayed for a job where I had no responsibilities.  I had no idea how hard it would be to sit & do nothing. 


Today’s workout was legs—high reps so I went lighter than I normally would:


Plie squats: 105 lbs

Romanian deadlifts: 65 lbs


Step lifts: 15 lbs

Leaning lunges: 20 lbs

Box jumps: 8 risers


I followed up with 30 minutes on the ARC trainer & 2 sets of 12 for 3 ab exercises.  I was having a small spasm in my back –which miraculously went away when I took my shower.  However I’m really tight now—once I get up & move I’m okay but it takes a minute.  I must stretch when I get home tonight.



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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can, from the Print options menu....

Sorry you are bored, but at least this is time to catch up on your personal trainer reading??? Pull up the material electronically so it looks like you're working!

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