Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two weeks ago I decided I had had enough of this fitness bull shit.  I quit.  I quit the gym.  I quit the nutrition.  I quit the groups.  I Q.U.I.T.!!!!

For 2 weeks I didn't eat right.  I ate what I wanted when I wanted it.  I ate cake.  I ate burgers & fries & milkshakes & cheesecake & cookies & hoagies (aka subs) & pasta & WHITE bread & fat & carbs...You name it; I ate it.   Burp.

I didn't go to the gym.  The most strenuous exercise I participated in was walking Knuckles.  OH YEA!

On Sunday I woke up ready to get back at it.  I felt like I had been on vacation.  I was rested & happy.  I planned my nutrition & packed my gym bag.

On Monday I hit it.  I'M BACK!

I put on 5 lbs of water & have lost all but 1.5 lbs of it.  Not too bad considering.  I'm not doing anything other than regular nutrition.

Tonight I am going to Erin's tasting event for her wedding.  My plan is to have a bite of almost everything but no more.  I won't be doing more than a bite of cake.  No need.  More importantly no desire.

I have a goal to be back to where I was in April 2011 within 9 weeks.  It's only 13 lbs & very do-able.

Watch me morph.

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