Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm still struggling to get it back together.  I'm trying everything under the sun.  For the last week I've been getting up a little later & not beating myself up for not getting my entire cardio workout in.  I feel a little better this week.

I have started using Stephanie's advice more.  I'm emailing her a couple times a week to get pushed.  I love her!  I think knowing my coach personally has made a huge difference in how I communicate with her.  Not that I think Rachel wasn't good.  I just didn't feel connected the way I do with Steph.

This morning I got an email from Steph this morning telling me that she talked to Cathy about me.  I think that is sooooo cool!  Advice back, cut down on my cardio to 30 minutes a day & concentrate on building muscle.  "Lift like a mad woman!"  So, tomorrow is leg day...Guess who will be increasing her weights on EVERYTHING!

She's increasing my fat intake to 3 TBS a day but leaving the rest of my nutrition in place.  I'm going to stop using the Isagenix twice a day because I am finding that I miss real food.  I'll be doing a shake in the morning before my workout.  I think that will help me tremendously.

I still have no real goals.  I don't have any special events coming up & I'm not going to compete in the near future (or maybe ever).  I'm just going to concentrate on eating better & building some muscle.  We'll see where it goes from there.

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Kim said...

Good update and interested in knowing how the increased lifting and reduced cardio effect you.

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