Sunday, August 21, 2011

pictures will be available soon

Photoshoot was so much fun. I am not a "sisterhood" kinda girl but I LOVE me some Savage ladies. They are all so like minded & so genuine in their love of what we do & how we get there. It was even more fun that I got to share it with Erin.

Erin is starting to think that competing might be her way to "the stage." She loves that it's about health where ballet was not so much. She loves that she doesn't have to be 6' tall. She loves that she can have the support of amazing women like you all & the Savage girls. I love that I'm able to share this with her & that I can support her in her desire to go down this road!!!!

Oh I got down to 149 for the shoot! I don't know if I'll still be there tomorrow because Erin & I went to Cheesecake Factory for a piece of Linda's fudge cake. We shared it. We couldn't even finish it!!! So proud of that. I brought the left over 1/2 home to Steve. If the scale is up I'm not going to be upset -- the time with Erin was SOOOOO worth it.

Email me & I will email you a link to the photos & the password to the private site Jason (the photographer) set up. You might be able to see them on his Facebook page, too.

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stacey said...

The photos you posted on facebook made it look really fun. Erin is absolutely gorgeous. I love her bone structure.

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