Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out of body post

My mind is racing with thoughts about Larry (my brother). Most of this post is taken from an email I just sent to a friend.

My brother's common law wife is in a VERY bad place. She's taking a ton of prescription pain meds & drinking. She's delusional & not eating. She has told my parents that she is mad at them because they didn't tell her that my brother is not Larry but William Morrison & is married to another woman...Read on...

My mom said he is so depressed (& how can he not be). She is so worried & sounds so tired. I want to go out & take some of the pressure off but she won't let me. She does have me on stand-by sort of. I don't know if you remember or not but Donna (Paulette's sister) is under investigation for money laundering & tax evasion after having a 14 year affair with the Toms River school district superintendent who is under indictment for corruption. Because of that she can't leave the state without permission from federal court. We don't know what that is going to take but we're waiting.

My dad was able to go over yesterday but Paulette is still resistant to them being there...they are Larry's parents & she is now blaming them. They should have "told her he isn't who he claimed to be." She is still going on about him being someone else & being married to someone for the last 5 years. Ironically they were going to get married 5 years ago but didn't go through with it.

I have been really struggling with the bull shit Missouri paternity law that says Larry has to establish paternity through DNA so I've googled it...Sure as shit he does. How fucked up is that. Even though his name is on the birth certs & he agrees that he is their father she gets to hold all the cards. They are seeing an attorney on Tuesday but until then the kids are with a nut job.

Rose if you are following...any suggestions on how to get around this fucked up state law? Know a good lawyer?

She has violated her own restraining order 3 times this week by showing up at the hotel they are staying in. Larry is staying with them. He can't afford to pay his mortgage & get an apartment & was sleeping in his car until my parents got him a room. I asked Mom why they haven't called the police on her for violating it but my Larry says he can't do that to her & is afraid the kids will end up in custody of child services until paternity can be established which could take more than a week.

Her son, Austin, is 15. Turns out he was home (asleep) on Sunday night when she went out & totaled the Expedition. Mom said he is taking care of the babies physical needs--bathing, feeding, etc. She takes them to day care even is she isn't working. So they are relatively "safe" but fuck. Austin is only 15 he shouldn't be raising babies yet he is because Larry did everything for them & Paulette can't do anything because she's so stoned half the time. He's a good dad & misses his kids so much.

On a cheerier note...My job got exponentially more interesting this week. I'm taking on the resource management of our squadron. Resource management is AF speak for budgeting, contracting, & spending of your tax dollars. Accounting. I'm so excited. I've learned a lot this week & still have a ton to learn.

I took over because our resource adviser got short-notice deployed to Ethiopia & we had no one to do it. Steve was sort of the back up r.a. but doesn't have the time to do this job. We talked about what is involved & I talked to my boss--it is in my job description to do it anyway. So I spent the better part of last week learning this new role from him. It was fun & frustrating because he is more anal than I am with numbers. lol

Anyway, workouts are going well & nutrition is on track. I'm losing again...back down to 144 this week. YAY!


Rose said...

What a mess. Sent you a message on FB. No clue about the law but do know a lawyer who may be able to help. If they call him, he'll definitely be straight with them.

Deb said...

Thanks again, Rose. I'll let you know what they decide to do.

As of an hour & a half ago Paulette had called my 20 year old nephew & told him that my parents were trying to kill her. He called his mother who turned around & called Paulette. She told Paulette to quit being a bitch & get help. Apparently the only person with a real brain in this group. I haven't talked to her--she won't take my calls. It's so sad.

stacey said...

Wow. Mental illness sucks. I hope it all gets worked out and soon for the sake of everyone!

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