Thursday, May 5, 2011

I had gait analysis done today by an exercise physiologist. Put little balls on different points of my legs & ankles & then recorded me walking & running. Kind of cool. After she looked at the tapes in slow motion. She sent me a bunch of exercises to do to correct some minor internal thigh rotation but said I have a good gait. She also sent me a link to Road Runner Sports to find the "right" shoe. I am wearing the right shoe! Yay! New Balance did a good job with their analysis. My Asics were also the right shoe.

My check-in was bad this week...I gained weight because I fell face first into Easter candy. Rachel cut my meals. Which really is okay because I'm ready to finish this & with the reduction in calories I should be able to do it within a month.

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Wennndy said...

I'm glad you got some new shoes that work for your gait! I had one done years ago and it seemed to help. Except I hate running HAHAHAHA! :)

I just cut my own calories. Good times. Heh.

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