Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got all new workout attire for my birthday! WOOT! New shorts, new bras, new tops, new socks! I got new sneaks about 2 weeks ago. Yay!

I went for maintenance today. My usual girl wasn't in. My wax job is so bad I'm going to have to shave for the next 2 weeks just to keep it presentable. FML What a waste of $25.


Laura said...

Now that you've gotten waxed professionally a few times, consider doing the maintenance yourself at home unless you've got very tough resistant hair. Bliss Spa makes a kit called Poetic Waxing (or something like that) that is just great. It comes with different oils that you use before and after you wax to cleanse and treat the area, soothe abrasions, keep the wax from sticking, and so forth. It's a little more expensive than drugstor waxing kits but way cheaper than going to the salon. It's also more convenient and less embarrassing.

Wennndy said...

That is interesting! I didn't know that, Laura. Huh.

Yay on new workout duds!

Deb said...

I've tried waxing myself. First, I can't see some of the areas that need to be waxed so I miss a lot. Second, OUCHIE! The results I've had have been awful--actual bruising. And I don't find it all that embarrassing. I just close my eyes & breathe deep--sometimes holding my breath. lol

Had I known there is a Bliss in DC I would have book a Friday night appt & just gotten it done by a pro. Eh.

I won't need it done again until we go to Maine (see my other blog).

Kim said...

Yay for new workout clothes!

Doin the Math said...

New workout clothes rock!

Razors in that area suck!!


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