Saturday, April 23, 2011

Formation running is fun! Loved it! I was the only civilian to do the run. Felt good yesterday. Today...Not so much. I have low back tightness today. I keep stretching but it's not doing much good.

I'm down to 143 today. I have to take pictures later--she wants to see what this rapid loss looks like. It looks good!

I decided not to take the 8s back. I think when I wash them they will be okay. Nope, I don't wash before wearing.

I got new sneakers last night. Went with New Balance WR860, Sandi. New Balance gives a 15% discount for 3-Day walkers. I got some inserts, too, because I didn't feel like the arch was high enough for me. I LOVE THEM!


Kim said...

Yay for new sneakers!

Dare I say I "liked" my group run last Sunday? This "love" of running that Sandi speaks of still eludes me though. ;-)

Wennndy said...

I don't think I ever will love running, either, Kim. :)

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