Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thanks for the brain duster, Wendy! I do forget that. I'm going to quit using the fitbit calorie tracker. I don't need that. I made that decision last night after my little freak out.

I made the commitment that I would follow Cathy's advice for my nutrition & eat what she tells me. I can't do that without freaking out if I am looking at those crazy numbers so I'm not going to look. I'll keep a journal in Word but I won't put them in the tracker. Can't do that. It's like the scale. Can't get on that & let the number upset me (I think I've conquered that with my maintenance of late--the scale didn't move but I didn't freak). The good news is that I'm not sitting here crying into my coffee but just the opposite. I've lost 1 1/4 lbs this week!!!! 147 3/4 lbs. I am very happy!

Today is functional fitness day. It's a good one! It's gonna be fun to to put the heart rate monitor on & see what happens.

John is going swimming today. I have offered to go in but he won't let me do it. Snicker.

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