Friday, March 4, 2011

my list

1) My nutrition plan is only by portion sizes so far--4 oz protein. I don’t know about being hungry. So far – with just 2 meals into me & I haven’t put in my coffee w/milk yet I’ve got 704 calories in me. That’s nearly half of what I was eating before. I’m not balking. Yet. We’ll see. I might be okay. And I haven’t even brought all of the food I’m supposed to bring to eat. I’m a little skeert!

*I started this at work & am now well into dinner...Since coming home I now know I've eaten 1300 calories & only eaten 4 meals. I'm very skeert! I didn't eat the fruit they want me to (1/4 c serving/4 times) & 1 TBS nut butter of my choosing. I'll have to try almond butter. Based on my fitbit food tracking I'm at 1300 right now. If I ad what they want me to I'll be up over 1875. That's a lot of food for fat loss, isn't it?

2) I’m getting a battery for my heart rate monitor. The stupid fitbit (which I love playing with) has me wanting to watch my heart rate on the machines. There are so many people wearing monitors in the gym that I don’t really know what mine is. When I think I’m working really hard the machine it shows I’m at 75. Um, yeah, that’s not right.

3) We’re going to look at paint for outside tonight. We need to paint the shutters, the garage, and the front door. We’re doing dark blue.

4) John had another interview yesterday & has another lined up for next week.

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Wennndy said...

You aren't necessarily just going for fat loss, remember -- you are going for body composition change. Those are two different things! The dieting is different. :)

I can't rely on the machines for my HR either -- the watch is the only way I can go, and sometimes cell phones, wireless networks, etc., interfere with that. Boooooo!!! Too much technology! but love it anyway. hahaha.

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