Thursday, March 10, 2011

So far so so-so. I lost it over the weekend. I should have done a workout, should eaten right...Didn't.

Here's what I've observed...

If I don't put my workout & my nutrition first I don't take care of it. Even though I spend the better part of Saturday preparing my meals for the coming week I didn't prepare any for Sunday. I thought I would work out on Sunday afternoon but I didn't.

My resolve is to make sure I have appropriate meals planned for the weekend with the exception of 1 reward meal--which will not be overdone. I am also going to do my workouts within an hour of getting out of bed on Saturday. That's when I workout during the week--up at 4; workout at 5. No matter what time I get up my workout will be started within an hour.

Yesterday was my first check in. I included the above "resolution" in it. I got a decent response from Rachel. Initially I was feeling hungry within an hour of eating my post workout meal & told her that's when I hungry & could eat my arm. She suggested that I add an oz of protein to that meal. She wants me to increase my cardio to 40 minutes 5 days a week. I'm not asking why. I'm just doing it. I've got the time. It's no biggie.

My goal is to do this for the next 42 days. That should provide me with a big change in body comp, yes? I think so.

Today was a functional workout:

Set 1

Renegade rows


Hanging knee raise

DB chest press

Set 2

180 degree burpees (turn 180 degrees in the jump do it again)

Tick tock jacks

Plank jacks

Plie squats w/lateral arm raise

Set 3

(do 1, do 1 & 2, do 1, 2 &3, etc)

Inchworm out


Plank side-touch

Plank reach out

Plank elbow touch

Plank walk

Plank hold 60 seconds

Set 4

20 second sprint/1 minute 20 recovery—5 sets

I finished up with 20 minutes on the arc trainer at level 20. Burned something like 600 calories in 1 hour 20 minutes according to my HR monitor. I hit the start button again at some point sitting in my office & lost my daily data. Bumming! I had 10,000 steps before 0800 but haven’t really moved since.

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