Thursday, March 3, 2011

New nutrition plan

Rachel sent me my "personalized" nutrition plan. I'm under no allusion that this was really my own plan. The email is too "mail merge" looking.

"Based on your evaluation form, here is what we want you to do this week!
Lets review your information!
Your current weight is 149. Your height is 5' 6" and you do not have any food allergies! Your goal is to lose weight and get smaller and tighter!
I know you want to get into optimal conditioning so lets do this!"

I'm okay with this. LE was all automated with a sprinkling of personalized stuff on my journal. A very small sprinkling. The email I received yesterday said that I should email with any & all questions & that the most successful clients are the ones that do contact them often.

So I broke the ice & emailed with just a quick, hey here's where my issues have been with programs in the past....Not asking for help when I need & lack of compliance in the diet. I got a response from Rachel today. Basically just saying hey back & letting me know if I need her she's there.

The plan is different than anything I expected. More protein than I've been eating. The same amount of veggies (1 c/meal) & the carbs are spread out in the morning. No carbs with dinner. Very specific amounts of healthy fats (EVOO, Udoos, & other oils) & 1 TBS of nut butter anytime during the day.

I like it but I'm afraid of how much more food it is. I AM GOING TO FOLLOW THIS PROGRAM! I'm finally ready make weight loss my goal.

Watch me DO THIS!


Wennndy said...

It will seem like a lot of food to start with, the first few days, but then you might realize you're a little hungry LOL! :)

Are they giving you grams to count now, or serving sizes?

Doin the Math said...

Boy! The mass email! Sounds so upbeat! When you use! So many! of These!!!!!! :) YAY TEAM!

Now that I have that out of my system...It looks like they really have ironed out customer service. When I signed on for their monthly program (eons ago...2006?), I didn't get any kind of response at all...not even an automated, "Thanks for your money, you will hear from us in 30 days." And when I would email a question, it was a 3-7 day wait to hear back.

So I see this as a Very Good Thing that you've had so much contact already. Whew.

Kim said...

...following along!

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