Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did I tell you...

Erin's BFF Tonia is preggers! We're expecting a baby in August. I can't believe the girls are old enough to have babies but they are. We got our first picture of the baby bump today. Tonia is all of 4'11" and top heavy to begin with. She's ALLLLLLL boobs now. Poor momma!

My first workout was fun.

Alternating DB chest press
Push-up jacks (go down, jack your legs out, go up, jack your legs in--very fun! & very hard!)
Cable cross overs
Tricep extensions (rope)
4 cts down/2 cts up push-ups
Elbow up & down planks
Close-grip BB press

My chest, back & arms were already tired from yesterday's workout but I still managed pretty well & am pleased.

Tomorrow I will do use the leg press machine for the first time EVER! I'm excited about doing something new.

My cardio yesterday was an old Hot interval session. Today was 30 minutes dready-state.

I'm having trouble with sleeping through the night. I'm not letting it get me down. I'll get back on track eventually.

We had not just 1 block fall into the pool but 5. I just can't believe we are probably going swimming on Saturday.

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