Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's going on?

Nothing. That's what. I haven't been sleeping well this week & could not get my butt to the gym. At all. I haven't been eating enough. I have been bringing more than half of my food home from work. I'm going to end up throwing away a lot of good food. Ugh. I hate that.

Despite that I've maintained--149. I should be happy but I'm not. It's weird that after a week off I think my body looks fluffier. I know that's not possible but I still look in the mirror & see fluff. Eh.

We are still working on staging the house. We've painted the turquoise room. Today we're taking down the portraits. There are some that I would like to see disappear (I'll post a picture on facebook as my picture of the day). My mom is coming over to help me do some cleaning--light fixtures & such.

All of this for pretty much nothing since we haven't had anymore showings. I'm so frustrated. Especially now that we know what we can get for less than half of our current mortgage. I know "God has a plan," I just wish he'd get on with it already.

Our taxes have been mailed in--I did them electronically & then I did them on paper. TurboTax worries me...We aren't a complicated return--income, student loan interest (which we can only claim a small amount of), mortgage, property tax, & charitable contributions. The state of NJ does not tax military retirement pay. TurboTax calculated tax on it! I'm not happy about having had to file paper forms...And I JUST realized I forgot to put direct deposit on the forms so we're going to have to wait for paper checks. Sigh.

At some point this weekend, I'm hoping to do the assessment to start the Lifestyle program with Cathy Savage. I'm ready to get started!


Doin the Math said...

FWIW, I wouldn't worry too much about your week off from the gym. You've been SO consistent, for SO long, your body probably just needed a break from *that* kind of strees so it could balance the stress about the house.

I'm looking forward to following your progress with CSF. I'm excited that she's cleaned up her customer service act, and I expect good things for you!

Kim said...

After 10 days off, I had a an excellent week of consistently strong workouts. I have no doubt you're going to come back stronger this coming week. Clear your head and keeping looking forward.

Wennndy said...

You'll get back to being more consistent -- priorities have to shift sometimes. It's making sure you don't dive into a box of chocolate donuts during the not-so-"on" times that counts. HAHAHA. :)

I hope you have a fantastic CSF experience!

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