Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's workout was a killer.  Legs. 


1 1/4 bb squats (squat with a bounce) 4x8—only used 75 lbs; must go up



Bulgarian split squats 4x10

1 leg Romania deads 4x10


Step ups 3x10

Overhead forward/reverse lunges 3x10


I thought it was too hot in the gym & had a really hard time of it this morning.  I started off light because I didn't know how those 1 1/4 squats were going to feel.  Then I went ahead & did my normal weights for split squats, etc... I had to go down to 15 lbs towards the end for the step-ups because my fore arms are FRIED.  Must start doing a set or 2 of farmers walks each week....Maybe on cardio day. 


Anywhoo....When we were in the locker room I was complaining about it to Leanne & she told me she was comfortable.  That leads me to believe that maybe I'm fighting something because even after eating now I still feel kinda yuck.  Gonna drink some more water.


I'm craving carbs this morning.  I've been adding them back into my diet as I move away from Lean Eating.  This morning I grabbed some rice cakes at the commissary on my way in.  It was really hard not to buy something else.  I looked at the Kashi cookies.  They have less calories & less carbs per serving.  It was really tempting to buy some.  I put them back because they are not going to help me reach my goal.  I left the rice cakes in the car because I could munch on them quite mindlessly while sitting here at work—I ate some on the ride between the commissary & the office.  I really like a biscotti & may buy a box of plain (sans chocolate) because they were only 100 calories & less than 20 carbs.  They will make a nice treat on the weekends with my coffee in the afternoon. 


Last weekend went to look at houses in the area we want to buy in.  We are looking at homes listed between $110 &  $150k.  At the lower end of the scale the homes need work but well worth what we would need to do.  We looked at one home for $125 on a lake.  The odd thing about the homes we’re looking at is that the outsides look like nothing great but the insides have so much potential for people like us…Younger with more energy to do the upgrades.


This weekend is going to be a little busy…We’re painting Erin’s crazy turquoise room a pretty shade of gray (almost white).  We’re going to do some more packing of things that we want to keep but that need to be put away to make the house more “Zen.” I think we might even go buy some picture boxes to pack some of our larger framed stuff so that we can remove things from the walls.  Finally, we’re going to put a bed in Erin’s old pink room with a white duvet to make it look like a kids room again.  Currently we are using it as our craft room.  Hopefully the “clean up” will help the house show better & will get it sold.




Kim said...

Staging. It's all worth it. We put tons of stuff in storage and even though we didn't repaint our daughters RED w/ silver metallic trim and black linens bedroom (are you getting a good visual?!) the house sold in two weeks. I'd love a house on a lake.

Good job on the workout and keeping the carb intake in check. You're doing great. ...very inspiring.

stacey said...

Wow. I don't think you can still find even a fixer upper for 110k in our area. For some reason real estate is high here. Good luck with it all.

Doin the Math said...

So what's been going on this week?

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