Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm so glad we spent yesterday staging. The house looks incredible...Not just clean but open & airy. Zen. It's amazing that we have spent $100 on paint & the house looks like we've spent hundreds. We still need to get paint for outside. I know what I want--a dark blue. We have to wait for warmer weather though. While we were moving around in the living room we saw a couple drive by & take notes...No immediate showing resulted in it though.

Hopefully this will help & things will start moving as the weather gets better. I want to be out of here by summer.


Laura said...

I think you'll get more showings once it gets closer to summer. A big house like yours is probably going to be most appealing to a family with kids, and don't families usually wait until summer to move so that the kids won't have to change schools in the middle of the school year? I think that's the conventional wisdom anyway, although in this economy who knows.

Still, it's great that the house is looking wonderful. Enjoy it! You and John deserve a beautiful living space, even if it's not where you ultimately want to be.

Doin the Math said...

Oh, good point, Laura! I think of nicer weather to move in, but hadn't thought of the school district thing!

Wennndy said...

Staging is SOOOO important! If you love how it feels and looks in your home, so will potential buyers. That energy is contagious! :) I'm happy you took the weekend to do that for yourself and the house! :)

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