Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thoughts on out of control eating

Wendy's comments about food is very interesting.  Breaking things down into macros used to be a big problem for me.  That is one of the things that Lean Eating did do for me--I don't think about food that way now.  It's a nice balance.  Unfortunately, this past week has been full of challenges for me.  John's birthday & Super Bowl Sunday fell on the same day.  Girl Scout cookies came into my home of my own volition...thought I could handle them.  Can't.


However, the thinking about food as a means for aesthetic purposes....Yep, that hasn't changed.  "I can't eat this if I want to look like x."  That's me.  When I know what I should be thinking is, "I shouldn't eat this because my cholesterol is a little high, I’m genetically predisposed to high cholesterol so let’s counter balance that with better choices.”


This morning Leanne asked me how I felt yesterday.  I told her every time the General came out of his office to give me things to do I thought, “Dude, if you knew I was commando it would freak you the f--- out!”  LOL  My dirty little secret indeed.  I double checked my bag before putting it in the car last night.  lol


I posted this on my facebook page but in case you didn’t see it…Are any of you using for you Kindle/Nook/iPad?  I’ve found reviews that make it sound like a steal for $50 lifetime membership.  Can it really be that good?


I broke out an old Cathy Savage workout for my cardio this morning.  6 minutes on the arc followed by 10 full-body squats, 20 lateral jumps, & 15 plank jacks for 5 rounds.  I finished it off with 15 minutes steady state.  I love those types of workouts because they just fly by.  On Saturday I’m doing one of the functional workouts so I can get ready to do whatever Stephanie throws at us when I go over there. 



Wennndy said... seems too good to be true! I wonder about it too. hmmmmm ..... :)

Deb said...

We've decided to skip thereadingsite. The more I dug the less I found. No reviews that didn't link right back to the site. That just seems too coincidental to me.

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