Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is the last day of filling up on water. Thank God! I'm having trouble getting in 2 full gallons. I'm literally putting hash marks on a piece of paper for each 2 liters I drink--that's the size of my Sweat once a day bottle. It is 2:00 PM & I still have 3 more to drink before I go to bed in 5 hours.

Surprisingly I am not getting up every 2 hours to pee at night.

My weight is steady at 158 which is kind of a bummer. I wanted to lose. Maybe it's water. Probably it is not.

I cannot believe how much I miss eating starch. I am not getting the brain fog that you all talk about. But that might be because I only eat 1 serving a day. I'm going to do a week of carb rotating ala LE next week: 1 low, 1 moderate, 1 low, 1 moderate, 1 low, 1 high. I want to see if that will help me jump start my losing again. I'm also going to start using a tracker to keep it "real." I want to make sure I'm not over-eating.

I am SO sore from these workouts. Of course it has been intensified by the kick boxing class I took with Erin last night. SO MUCH FUN! She can't keep up...I almost did. We laughed a lot at each other & on the way home. We're going to try to go once a month just to give us a night out together. I'm really proud of how my kid has grown up!

John feels like his interview yesterday went well. He will know in about a week if he will get a third interview with them. Seems like overkill to me for a mid-level job. I guess in this economy they can afford to be choosy. On the bright side, he is out for an interview right now. They called him this morning & scheduled the interview for this afternoon! It's another warehouse manager position. The company is about an hour from here but he won't have to deal with traffic so that's a plus. It's good that he is finally getting interviews.

I'm feeling a little better about things with the unemployment. It helps to know that as soon as his W-2 comes in I'll be able to finish our taxes & we'll have 2 more mortgage payments in the bank. I'll start to panic again next month I'm sure. LOL


Kim said...

I'd be in the bathroom all day if I drank 2 gallons. I think my bladder is the size of a thimble! LOL!

You're doing great! It's excellent you have a carb rotation plan in the wings.

Kickboxing with Erin sounds like a blast. I'd love to do that with my daughter but we work opposite shifts.

Prayers going up for a fantastic job offer for John.

Take care.

stacey said...

Oh, I so hope John gets the job. Lots and lots of good vibes for him.

Drinking that much would be hard. I think I would have an even harder time with the no water days though.

So interested to see what you end up thinking about this depletion thing once it is all done.

Wennndy said...

Yep, yep, lots of prayers on the job front.

And can't wait to see how you feel on your target day!

stacey said...

You meant 148, right? Because I am pretty sure we are supposed to shoot you if you get that close to 160 again. ; )

Deb said...

LMAO Stacey. Yes, 148!!!

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