Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Depletion is going well...though I'm up 1/2 lb. I am feeling the workouts. I could do these workouts as part of a regular rotation & will put them away for later use.

I've started copying & saving the stuff I want to keep. I'm glad this is almost over. I get more support here than I did there. I have posted questions & not gotten answers for days where other, less experienced people post questions & get immediate answers. I'm also not one of the needy, whiners; we have several of them in our group. Krista spends a lot of time providing psychological counseling (I have to wonder if she isn't a life coach, too).

I do think I've learned a lot about food. Not so much from anything Krista said but from what others were posting & the recipes we've shared. I have learned to make nutritious, fabulous tasting foods. I'm have a satisfied palate & tummy!

I have been working on my "meal planner" again--the one I was working on based on the nutrition plan Wendy gave me. I've added things to it & am ready to begin the end of this weight loss journey. I'm excited about that.

I'm off to do a kickboxing class with Erin who is with us because of the snow storm that is so far a non-issue.

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