Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/2 gallon of water

So I’m only drinking a ½ gallon of water today. I am eating protein & starchy carbs only. I’m savoring yams, butternut squash & acorn squash. We were told we can have 1 cup of coffee today but none tomorrow. I am feeling cranky! I want coffee!!!! I want more water! I’m soooo thirsty!

I was sore as hell from kickboxing with Erin & the workouts we did this week. Today & tomorrow we do nothing. I want to do cardio so bad I can’t stand it…to increase the fat loss. I have been absolutely perfect in my eating & have gained weight. I was holding steady at 148 and BAM this morning I’m up to 150 gain. I’m not freaking out because I figure it has to be 2 gallons of water sitting in my body. I wanted to do some cardio after my weight work yesterday but

I’m excited about taking the pictures. I swear I saw flashes of 6 pack yesterday. I’ve been spraying myself with some Coppertone spray tan. It’s stinky!

I am trying to decide what to have for my “reward meal” Saturday night. I’m thinking General Tso’s with the fried rice, pizza, a cheesesteak, or a good burger & fries. I can have a decent burger without a bun & fries anytime but that truly is one of my favorite meals. I feel pretty good that I can’t decide. That tells me I’m not really craving anything.

Interviews suck. It’s going to be a few weeks before we hear anything. Ugh.

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Wennndy said...

I'm curious what your daily calories are at. During depleting mine were scary low and I was soooo tired! You sound great though.

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