Sunday, January 30, 2011


I didn't click the "opt out" button on Lean Eating. John has encouraged me to stick it out for a few more months. The program is pretty much going back to the beginning & re-emphasizing the core habits for the next few weeks (6 weeks total). If after 6 weeks the lessons don't kick up a few notches I'll bail.

I want to kick my diet into over-drive & get this last few pounds off so I'm going to journal them on MyDailyPlate again. I know that's pretty much a clincher for me in getting it done.

My cold is pretty much just in my head & chest. I'm not feeling crappy but I am having trouble breathing without Dayquil & Niquil. That stuff gives me such medicine head.

I'm not going to the gym tomorrow. Going to take one more day off to be sure I'm not going to set myself back. But I am feeling like a slug already.


Wennndy said...

A few days off is a great idea. I haven't done a real workout in a while and my body doesn't seem to give a hoot. It's weird.

Hope you feel better?

Laura said...

Feel better soon, Deb. When you go back to the gym keep it light, especially if you're still taking cold meds. No HIIT, and lighten up your weights. That's what I usually suggest to my clients who have the sniffles but want to train anyway. No workout at all, of course, if the symptoms extend to below the neck or they are running a fever.

It's nice that John is so supportive. Or maybe he just likes the awesome Gourmet Nutrition meals you've been whipping up :)

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