Friday, February 4, 2011


Sandi & Wendy will remember having to spot me 18 months ago. Today I
did 3 sets of 3 unassisted chins! My arms never got completely straight
but I did get my head below the bar & then my chin back over the top.
Leanne is back from Afghanistan & was on the other side of the gym
making monkey noises. Damn her for making me laugh!
My ass is killing me today!


Doin the Math said...

Nice!!! I haven't done chins in FOREVER. Quite certain I can't do them anymore. Not that I could ever crank them out!

Since I live in a crappy little shack now, I'm considering mounting my TRX to the ceiling of the living room, and adding a chin up bar to the wall. Classy, no. Functional? You betcha!!

Wennndy said...

Awesome job!

I think you should mount the TRX and chinup bar, Sandi. Maybe it would class up the joint after all! :)

I can still do pullups but my elbow gets really ticked off at me if I do them. Sigh.

Kim said...

If I try a chin up I'll die so I better hold off for a while! Kudos to you for 3x3. Well done!

I switched from the Dayquil/Nyquil to Mucinex DM. It's doing a great job clearing the chest congestion. I am so ready to over this and get back to training.

Laura said...

WTG, Deb!

Sandi, I totally think you should put up a chinup bar in your living room. Put the TRX in your bedroom, though. If you get my drift.

Kim said...

LOL @ Laura!

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