Saturday, December 18, 2010

Here's me is!

I'm down to 146 & have lost a total of 7 inches, though I'm not quite sure my measurements are all that accurate because my hips are up & down like you wouldn't believe.

The most dramatic difference is in my abs & hips. Next month I'll invest in some tanner for the final shots.

If I ever get up to 160 again somebody needs to shoot me! That is just U.G.L.Y.


Wennndy said...

Yes, I see abdominal wall! WOOHOO!

Awesome job, Deb. Fantastic work. :)

Doin the Math said...

WONDERFUL! You rock!!

stacey said...

Wow! It is an amazing difference. Great job!

Laura said...

Amazing difference! You're tighter all over, and the change in your stomach is dramatic!

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