Wednesday, December 22, 2010

interesting occurrences

First the mundane…

I’m down to 146!  Hope to stay there through Christmas but am anticipating it being difficult.  My father does this huge meal that has all of my favorites…BREAD, different Italian sausages.  Wine.  Cheese.  Prime Rib.  Smashed potatoes!  Candied yams.  Burp.  Going to try very hard to enjoy myself without OVER indulging. 

Do people eat vegetables anymore? Our lunch at the office yesterday consisted of meat (turkey, ham, pulled pork, & kilbasa), chips & dip, rice, potato & pasta salads, & desserts. Oh, greenbean casserole--which I refuse to call a vegetable. There was no salad, no asparagus, no beans, no broccoli, no cauliflower. Guess what I'll be bringing to the next pot luck?! I brought plates & napkins this time. Dumb!

FORTUNATELY! I knew it was going to be ugly & packed my cooler despite the gathering. I had my own little containers of veggies. I ate very small servings of pork, turkey & ham & greenbean casserole to keep people from freaking...because they were making fun of me in the morning as we were setting up. I take it all in stride don't rebutt & laugh right along with them. They know how I value my nutrition & kid me but are really jealous of my fantastic physique! Lol

Today's workout was fun. I found a piece of equipment that I was able to get my feet under for the face-plants; I mean, ham/glute raise/negatives. That takes A LOT of strength & left a fabulous pump in my hammies. Love them. I finished up with what was meant to be intervals on the cross-trainer but turned into 30 minutes of steady-state. I didn't set the machine up correctly & just went at it steady-state. Kind of frustrating but at least I got my HR up to 140 on average.

The LE lesson today sort of makes me laugh...Despite working for the military most of the people around me are TOTALLY unfit. Even most of the gym rats are so out of shape it isn't funny & I’m not talking to the muscleheads. These are people that believe the only way to lose weight is to run. Run far. Run fast. I actually had someone ask me how often I run because of the changes in my shape...ummm....NEVER! Okay, I do some tabata intervals occassionally on the treadmill but that's rare. I literally know no one that I would say is fitter than me or take advice from. Not even in the gym. So read the lesson, get the spirit of the intent but am passing on this one.

So here’s interesting occurrence #1. 

About a month ago 4 of my cousins “friended” this woman on facebook & she sent me a request.  I asked them who she is because her maiden name is my maternal Grandparents’ name.  They all responded that they think she’s a cousin from our Tennessee family.  Okay, confirmed. 

John is working on our genealogy.  He has traced my maternal grandfather’s family all the way back to Ireland in the 1600s, to the U.S. through Plymouth Colony.  Pretty damn cool.  I asked him to “place” this woman on our family tree…Who is she?  How is she related?  Etc… He can’t find a thing.

She is very lonely & a little different.  I’ve asked her about our relationship to each other.  She doesn’t know her father’s real name just that her mother called him “Butch,” & his last name is Kelsey.  I asked her what her birth certificate doesn’t have his name on it.  Further conversation revealed that she found my grandfather and friended him & then started friending everyone with the same last name.  HOLY SHIT!  She’s a stalker!  John is doing specific research on her today. 

Interesting occurrence #2:

Back in high school I was BFFs with Allison.  We met in 9th grade & stayed friends all through high school. When we were 19 we moved in together in a condo in Miami.  The rent was dirt cheap--$600/month for a 3 bedroom on a lake.  Utilities were something like $75/month!  We decided to cut our costs further by getting a 3rd roommate.  Allison worked with a girl that needed a place to live.  We let her move in.

Being young & ignorant I didn’t even ask this girl’s last name.  I figured Allison knew her & it would be cool.  WRONG!  This girl wouldn’t pay the power bill or the phone bill.  Our landlord was my father’s best friend.  He was at the condo painting when this went down.  He threw this girls stuff out into the street.  I told him that I didn’t think that was a good idea because she had a key.  He said he would handle her.  Off to work I went. 

When I got home that night the condo was trashed.  I called the cops & my father’s friend.  It was a mess.  When we started putting the pieces together for the cops I came unglued with Allison because she brought this girl in.  It was a terrible falling out & we had not spoken since. 

That was 1983. 

Fast forward to September 2010…We have facebook.  I was bored one day & started looking at my high school FB page & saw Alli.  I sent her a message & a friend request.  My message said,

“It’s been more than 25 years.  I’ve wondered about you since our friendship ended because of the terrible way I treated you & I’m so sorry!  Hope you would like to get back in touch.”

She responded in less than a day that she would love to get back & touch.  We have been in touch & catching up.  It’s been very cool to get back in touch.  She’s exactly the way I remember her—including the bangs she used to wear.  LOL

If I don’t get back here, have yourself a very merry!



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