Friday, December 17, 2010

It was a brutal ride home last night.  We had less than a measurable amount of snow but the idiots at DoT didn’t heed the warning & treat the roads so they were a sheet of ice by 4:00.  I left my office at 10 minutes until 4 but didn’t get home until after 7:15.  I was exhausted, hungry & had to pee!  

I have been kicking my eats into high gear.  Wendy, I eat the way you described in your blog—4 or 5 times a day but work out fasted (because LE says it’s okay).  My day is a little screwy like yours so I just eat when I can but find that eating 4 or 5 meals is just easier & I’m losing yet maintaining muscle.    

I have been kicking my workouts up a notch & believe that’s making a big difference in my weight…which is down 1 ½ lbs today; though tomorrow is the official weigh & photos.  I hope I can capture the definition without tanning…If not, next month I will be tanning for the “final showing.”  I’m not doing the professional route they recommend because I am not spending that kind of money for photos no one will see. 

I have decided that I’m not going to continue on.  It’s just not something I need.  I have all the tools & support I need.

I’m finally getting more responsibilities at the office!  I’ve begged & begged & decided to just start taking over.  lol  I’m now responsible for all of our computer equipment & the travel program (making sure the guys have all of their orders & credit card stuff).  I’m still not busy but I think given time & taking over more programs I will get there. 




Doin the Math said...

Deb, you have been SO consistent in your workouts this year, and your nutrition just keeps getting better, too. You totally earned those visible abs, and should be damn well pleased with your badass self! *high five*

Wennndy said...

I think you're making wise choices ... and they are all paying off ... and will continue to.

that ride home sounds terrible. sheesh.

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