Saturday, November 6, 2010

We are celebrating this morning! Celebrating that the state of Maryland has granted John unemployment! It's not as much as the state of NJ would pay (which seems odd to me) but we'll take whatever they want to give us. This will allow us to pay our mortgage through the month of April if we haven't sold by then. If we haven't sold by then it won't be because the house isn't priced right. There are now a house in the neighborhood priced higher & we don't think it's as nice as ours. What' s up with that 2nd kitchen?

Phew that was all over the place, wasn't it? lol

The LE program is finally starting to get into customization. I'm doing well & think I might stay on for a couple of months past February 1. My thinking is that I'll need guidance to move into maintenance to keep the weight off. I'm okay (not good but okay) at losing weight. Not so good at keeping it off. We'll see. I have to find out how they handle folks like me. I'm not sure I want to pay $100/month to be treated the same as someone that is just starting out.


Doin the Math said...

It is interesting to compare the listings, hunh? You certainly win in the bathroom department. That other house has too many bedrooms to only have 1.5 baths, IMO. I don't like to clean bathrooms, but I like my privacy. ;)

I'm happy that your getting happy with your progress on LEP. Your body has changed so much, and you should be happy. You've worked hard!

I've been taking a hiatus, but am back now with some consistency in the gym. I've got to get bikini ready by 12/21. Not impossible...but will take more dedication than I've been employing lately! :)

stacey said...

Oh your house is much nicer and a much better value per square foot too.

Hooray on the unemployment benefits. That is awesome. I will continue to keep the good thoughts flowing for you!

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