Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can't be bothered with picasa right now so...Here is August 7 compared to today as best as I can in blogger...If you can't tell the ones on the bottom are from August. God, I hope you can tell.

I don't know why my eyes are closed in the frontal shot. lol

There is a huge difference in my abs.

I'm down 4.5 lbs from the start of the program but the change is size is making me happy.


Wennndy said...

I can see differences in all of the pix, your abs, your waist, your bootay. Yay! Good work.

stacey said...

Oh heck yeah, I can see a difference. Way to go!!

Doin the Math said...

Heck yeah HUGE change in your abs! WOOHOO!

Rose said...

Awesome! WTG!! Can totally see it in the abs/waist/hip area.

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