Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hmmm, what to say...

I haven't been very chatty lately, have I? Nope. I just haven't had much to say. So here's a recap of the week...

We are on a stay-cation this week. Getting things done around the house, being lazy (with the exception of doing cardio) & doing some fun things around town.

I sat in a classroom for 2 1/2 days last week. Unable to eat at any scheduled time as I have grown accustomed to. I ate when I could. I had DD multigrain bagels toasted, no spread on all 3 mornings. YUM!

On Thursday I hurt my back doing lumberjack squats.I was doing 85 lbs (45 & 10 lb plates). I think I may have gotten sloppy with my form because I wasn't feeling "it" when I felt like someone had slammed a baseball bat across the mid-section of my back. I was able to walk away but when I tried to put my plates away couldn't. The pain resolved relatively quickly...I'm perfectly fine today.

I'm not lifting anything until I go back to work. I think that will give my back plenty of time to heal. I will do functional fun workouts that don't include too much upper-body stuff. Today I did a 36 minute, 1-to-1 interval run. I was surprised by how hard it was.

I've lost 1/2 lb this week. My measurements haven't changed much. I'm losing the fat in my abs & lower thighs. It's very visibly gone from those places. I imagine that at some point in time my measurements will suddenly just drop. I'm starting to have very defined arms. Okay, maybe not VERY defined but definitely visible definition. It's pretty.

I'm not all that convinced that the reason for the changes in my body are due to the LEP. I am pretty convinced that it's diligence in working out consistently for the last year & cleaning up my eating. Period. I am going through the LEP motions. I'll continue to go through it in the hope that as I progress I will be glad I did.


Our house has only shown once since we listed. One of the 5 other homes on the market has been taken off. It hasn't sold that we can tell--no moving trucks & the boys that live there still hang out with the other boys in the neighborhood. Our house is now priced $5k higher than anything else in the neighborhood.

A friend of mine, Ron, from the clinic took John's resume. There is a position that will open in the next couple of weeks. Ron is the hiring authority for the position & because it's what the government calls a contracted position doesn't have to go through all the steps of a civil service position. There is a strong possibility that John will get the job. No guarantee but a possibility. It will pay considerably less than what John is making now but we'll be okay financially. The reduction in salary will make us eligible to reduce our mortgage rate so we won't have to sell right away.

I'm dog sitting my mother's dog this week. The poor little girl is so afraid of Romeo it isn't funny. Romeo thinks she's a squeaky toy. Its fun but also a little sad to watch. Chanel weighs a whopping 5 lbs to Romeo's 60. We do watch when he's trying to bat her around & when we go out they will all be crated; separately.

It's day 1 of our stay-cation & I'm bored already. lol


Wennndy said...

I think that's a heavy weight for lumberjack squats, which is an awkward movement. Did you go really low? Ouch.

I'm slightly envious of your week off. :) I hope you get lots of good r&r time.

Doin the Math said...

You made me LOL at being bored already! :) Saw you were driving all the way to the shore for pizza. That's my kind of fun! :)

I never was able to make lumberjack squats feel right. These days, almost the only squats I like are goblet squats (which I'm sure when I do them they are not "pretty" HKC/RKC goblet squats, but they feel good to me) and unweighted squats. Why am I talking about me? Dunno. ;)

I think housing is still slow moving everywhere. Not that that helps at all, but at least you know it's not "your" house that's the problem.

Fingers crossed for John so that he can work closer to home!

Deb said...

Yep, I really go that low with my lumberjack squats. I go almost that low with all of my squats...Just slightly past parallel. That's why I don't go heavier than I do; I can't yet. It is an awkward (that word is awkward to spell!) movement. I have an even deeper love/hate relationship with them than I do lunges. Love the way my thighs feel, hate the movement.

The drive to the shore turned out to be a good time but an almost wasted cheat meal. The pizza wasn't great. I did have a nice ice cream cone & french fries. That saved it. lol

We stopped at a winery, Tomasello Winery, that Erin wanted to check out as a potential wedding venue. She is NOT going to have her wedding at this one. It's right on a highway & not a pretty room.

There was a wedding there today. The bride & groom were having their pictures taken on their (ready for it, Sandi?) crotch rockets! Her's is white, his orange. They were decorated with white ribbons. Cute.

Anyway, I couldn't picture the wedding pictures coming out all that great because the place was not picturesque. The wine, on the other hand, was pretty good.

We're meeting Ron (from the potential job thing) & his wife, Grace, at another winery tomorrow. This one has GREAT potential for a wedding venue.

Oh--there's not ring yet but they are talking about it more.

Doin the Math said...

Awww. Love the crotch rocket motorcycle pictures!

Glad you found goodies to save the cheat meal! ;)

Rose said...

What a fun little trip, even if the pizza wasn't great.

That's funny about the wedding pictures.

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