Sunday, September 19, 2010


I drank about a bottle of wine in the sun yesterday (5 hours). Despite having packed a bunch of apples, cheese & crackers, salad, and olives I ate nothing. I got home & passed out on the living room floor. Literally--DONE. I woke up at some point & puked my brains out. John gave me a bucket & took care of me. YUCK! I feel like death today...cake or death? Give me death. Really.

I won't be drinking again for a while. Again, yuck.

I tightened up my meals last week & the scale awarded me for it. I lost 2 lbs. I lost 2 more last night. lol Seriously, I was down to 152 yesterday. My measurements didn't change that much. I'll be glad when they do. I can't wear a lot of things that I wore last winter (brand new last winter) & I really want to get into those things again. And stay there.

I haven't heard anymore from civilian personnel. The person looking into what happened was hoping to get back to me on Friday but the person that fucked up in Texas was out on Thursday & I'm guessing she was out again on Friday. I'll follow up on Monday.

I've come to terms with not getting the job. It's a disappointing but I can apply again in the future. If I really want to. I'm not so sure--I've heard bad things about the unit. High turnover & burn out rate. I don't want to go back to that.

John & I have made a big decision about our situation. The house is listed just below the highest priced house in our neighborhood but we are not anticipating it selling quickly. We haven't even shown it once yet. It's a bad time to be trying to sell. If we don't show it in 60 days we're dropping the price. We've decided we want out even if it means taking a loan against our 401ks. The cost to our emotional & physical health of John's commute is starting to take it's toll & we've decided we want to move as soon as humanly possible.

I've been looking at houses in Toms River & am watching several in our new price range. There are some cute homes that will be more than affordable on my income alone. I've also been looking at gyms because we want to workout together in the evenings rather than going in the morning. I found one 10 minutes from the neighborhood we think we'll buy in. It has ALL of the Les Mills classes! I think I could workout here.


Wennndy said...

Yay on the potential new gym in your potential new location! yay!

And booo on booze. It makes me puke every time I drink. Just say no. Blah.

stacey said...

Oh ugh indeed. I hope you are feeling better. I can't drink at all any more. Even one glass and I wake up with a killer headache. I realize that is probably in the long run best for me, but I wish it weren't the case.

Good luck on the house and job stuff. I've always got my fingers crossed for you!

Laura said...

Ugh indeed. I can't even imagine how awful I would feel if I killed a whole bottle of wine on an empty stomach while out in the sun.

I can still get away with a glass of wine now and then but one's my absolute limit. I stopped drinking altogether for a while because I thought it was interfering with my sleep, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Still, the wine's just empty calories so I figure it's better to avoid it except once in a while as a treat.

Oh, and forget red wine. I was never into cabernet but I used to love pinot noir and some of the other lighter, fruitier reds. Now, even a sip or two gives me a headache so I stick with white wine exclusively.

Deb said...

Just for clarification that alcohol consumption was over a 6 hour period. It wasn't done in a short period of time. John told me tonight that he didn't think I had had all that much but that the sun, the cigars, & no food was probably what did it. In any case, I don't usually drink that much anymore. A glass here, a mixed drink there but not like this.

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