Thursday, September 23, 2010

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I’ve taken to watching movies at work on my iPhone.  There is nothing else to do.  Literally.  They won’t give me more work & so…

I purchased the app for my iPhone.  I’m keeping a food journal because I want to make sure I’m not eating too much.  Yesterday I ate 1300 calories.  I’ve made my profile & food journal public…debgetsfit. 

I don’t know if you saw the picture I put on facebook yesterday…I flipped a truck tire around the gym here at work for my cardio workout yesterday.  It was big fun!!!  I can’t wait to do it again…after my forearms quit hurting!  I’m having a hard time typing & I can’t hold my water bottle for more than a few seconds.  Bwahahaha! 

My schedule this week is off & today was leg day. I finished all of the squats & lunges & moved on to do the trap deadlifts, lateral squats & bridge work. We don't have a trap bar so I use a Hammer Strength levered "machine." The machine uses plates just like a bar would. I had it loaded with 2-10 lb plates on each side.

There was a couple in the gym today--I've never seen him before but I've seen her one other time about 3, maybe 4 weeks ago. She's strong & works hard. I admired her. Until today.

I had completed 2 sets of deads, etc...Was sitting on the floor with my back to the Hammer Strength machine counting out my rest. The girl above walked past me to go use the Smith machine--right next to my machine. I heard her say something to the guy she was with & he responsed. I couldn't hear exactly what was said because I had my iPhone on but I thought nothing of it.

I went over & pumped out my last 12 reps, thinking that it was too easy. As I walked away I realized that 2 of my plates were missing from one side. The bitch had taken my plates!  Are you kidding me? She had plates hanging on the fucking Smith machine rack & she had to take my fucking plates?


If she ever does that to me again I will have to teach her gym etiquette.  I’ll take the plate & smash her in the face with it. 


Okay, so that’s my period talking.


I think I’m a freak of nature.  Last week I dropped 2 lbs & then another 2 after puking my brains out.  I have gained that back—I’m up to 154 again today & that’s okay.  The point is that I ALWAYS dip down 2 lbs a few days before starting.  I don’t know a single other woman in my entire sphere of friends/relations/acquaintances that has that happen.  Isn’t that bizarre?


I need to quit typing now.  My arms are killing me!


Doin the Math said...

I go up three pounds before I start, so yeah, you're still in the clear on having anyone else you know lose weight right before starting, LOL!

Tire flipping sounds fun! :)

Wennndy said...

I sometimes dip a little in weight right before. And then I dip up. And then my skin gets bad AFTER. I think it's the joy of being middle-aged. yay.

That was messed up about the chick taking your plates. WTF???

Laura said...

According to Rachel Cosgrove our bodies actually burn fat a little more efficiently when we're premenstrual. I wonder if that's the reason for your loss.

Anyway, you're not alone. My pattern is a lot like Wendy's: it's not uncommon for me to lose a little weight right before I start, then gain it back during . I also often experience a little gain right at the midpoint of my cycle.

Ah, the joys of womanhood.

stacey said...

It really varies for me. But I think my hormones are sort of random and improvisational these days. Sigh.

That was a really strange thing for that girl to do.

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