Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down Arrow: sweat The pictures are the result of my workout today. I made the arc trainer cry & then I killed it! Look at the right side of the picture of the control panel...see the tear drop? If you look between my feet in the other picture you will see a puddle of sweat that I'm calling arc trainer blood. KILLED THAT MOTHER TRUCKING MACHINE TODAY!!!! Arc trainer crying.jpg
Sweat stain.jpgI did 4-10 minute intervals broken up by 100 reps of jump rope & 40 Russian twists with a 6lb medicine ball (3 rounds). By the last 10 minute interval I was sweating so much it was dripping from my hands & chin; hence, the pictures. I had to share.

I was really upset about the job thing last night.  I got home from work & had to think about cooking dinner. I had planned that shrimp spinach thing but just didn't feel like doing it. I called & talked to my mom about that & some other things causing me stress & cried & screamed & cried some more. When it came time to cook dinner I seriously considered calling Papa John's...I stepped away from my phone & asked myself, "what is going on here? Would eating pizza really do me any good? Would it help me reach my goal?" The answer was that I was depressed as hell but that the pizza wouldn't do me ANY good what-so-ever, nor would it help me meet my goal.

Yesterday was a shitty day all the way around.  John is starting to have problems with his manager & is seeing other managers undermining his decisions.  It’s really frustrating for him.  On top of it the commute is really starting to wear on him. 

We’re going to keep the house on the market through the holidays but after that talk to the real estate agent about reducing the price for immediate sale (or as immediate as we can get).  We’ll take a loan to get out of the house if we have to but we have decided that the commute isn’t worth it & we need to quit killing ourselves with it (him in the drive & me trying to be single mom to him). 

Here's what's on tap for food today...

1 c cottage cheese (2%)
1/2 c berries
1/2 c raw oats
2 splenda
11 almonds

1 1/2 c apple chicken casserole (GN)

2 tbsp light raspberry dressing
5 egg white omelette w/cheddar & asparagus (reheated)

Haven't decided what to do for dinner yet.

Saturday is the wine & blues festival that we've been looking forward to all year. I've got to stay hydrated & will be trying to eat right while there. I don't want to do damage to whatever good I've done this week.  We’re taking a picnic basket with cheese & crackers & a HUGE spinach salad.  I’m going to try to keep my noching to a minimum.  I really want to break this cycle of gain, lose, gain. 



Laura said...

Great job on the workout! I've always had great workouts when following the PN nutritional guidelines. For fat loss it hasn't worked as well for me. I seem to do better on fewer calories, less fat, and a slightly more generous carb allowance. And for me at least nutrient timing doesn't seem to be all that important for fat loss. Basically it's all about creating that calorie deficit.

I'm so sorry you and John are both experiencing job frustration. Hopefully this weekend will be a nice break for you both.

Rose said...


Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!

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