Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts on PN from a LE participant

For Wendy…

The PN program is not much different than anything you don’t already provide your clients (or at least what you provided for me).  Nutrition guidance.  I was having trouble losing weight & what’s the first thing Krista told me to do…sign up for FitDay.com.  Seriously?  That’s the answer—track calories.  I expected that there was going to be more magic to the answer than that. 

The big thing that I’m getting is the daily lessons – which I have been printing out & saving.  I am willing to scan them & share them.  Some of the information is really, really, really for brand-new, baby dieters.  Other stuff is more for people like me…been at it a long time & just didn’t get it before & oh, hey, by the way, try thinking about it another way. 

The other biggie for me was breaking out the GN cookbook & learning some nutritious & (mostly) delicious recipes.  Some are bland but most are not.  Eating from those recipes almost exclusively has broadened my “diet” base.  I’m eating foods that taste good instead of plain chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, salads & yogurt.  I know that was my own fault for not knowing how to cook other than fatty foods but still…but it’s part of what’s working for LE/PN for me.  I am also eating more fat than I did before & I am losing.  Slowly.  You could probably give your clients a meal plan & some recipes that would help them be compliant.  I’m sure between Sandi, me, the other girls we could give you plenty of healthy recipes to use. 

When I think about it—that’s the BIGGEST thing that is working for me.  Eating yum nommy foods. 

Mostly PN is about losing S.L.O.W.L.Y. Sandi’s 15 lbs in 8 (?) months is more what they advocate.  JB needs to be more up front about that when advertising his program I think.  Just my opinion.  Nearly everyone in the current LE group is getting pissed that they aren’t losing a min of 1 lb a week.  And oh, we’re 8 ½ weeks into the program & no one has lost more than 2 lbs TOTAL!  I think the “contest” pictures give a false sense of what the program is really going to do for a person—it did for me & if I had to judge by the mood of the forum…a lot of others feel the same.  There are more & more people threatening to quit-though I don’t know that anyone has yet.  I’m sticking it out to the bitter end & following the rules. 

Oh & they say the programs sell out within hours of the pre-sale starting.  Bull shit.  They didn’t close the sign up for 3 days after the full sale started.  How do I know?  Because they opened the forum to allow us to chat immediately.  I think you should ask for referrals from the program & ask questions before signing up—ask for people that have done the program & are using it with a client base. 

Don’t get me wrong—I think the program works but if you have to make a decision about this today I wanted to share my thoughts.  If you don’t get in this round, it’ll start again in 6 months & you might be in a better position financially. 

Also FWIW, here in NJ any gym that I’ve researched that offers Les Mills or Zumba (with the exception of the base) charges extra for those classes.  It thought that was standard.  Shrug.

For the record—I did not sign anything that said I wouldn’t share.   Obviously JB wouldn’t want me to publish his stuff but I’m not doing that. 

I’m out of time at work.  If I think of anything else I’ll add it when I get home.  Maybe Sandi will see this & add to it. 




Wennndy said...

Thanks for the musings, Deb! They helped cement my decision a lot.

Laura said...

Seems like for what you're paying they should customize the lessons a bit more. Sheesh. Thing about PN is, you begin with the 10 Habits then indidualize as needed. If you all were starting in the same place, ie, total cluelessness about the Habits, Krista's approach would be fine. But as it is she's doing a real disservice to those of you who are already applying the Habits and are ready to get on with individualization.

Oh, and intuitive eating my ass. There's nothing intuitive about any program that involves starch restriction, nutrient timing, and absurd amounts of protein. Yes, that stuff becomes second nature after you've done it for long enough, but that's a matter of reprogramming not intuition. Why in Goddess's name WOULD it be intuitive? From an evolutionary standpoint your body simply doesn't want to keep shedding fat after a certain point, and if you're a woman in her 40s I believe that point is around 25%. Basically you're trying to trick your body into behaving the opposite of how it has evolved to behave, so OF COURSE none of it is going to come naturally and easily. I really wish all the fat loss gurus would be more upfront about that.

Psst ... here's a hint about individualization: you look to me like a mesomorph with some endomorph tendencies, meaning you build muscle easily but also tend to store fat easily. IIRC since what you want to priorize is fat loss you should follow the endomorph prescriptions for nutrition and exercise. Maybe Krista's already gotten there, but from what you say I suspect not. Also, I think you can afford to be quite aggressive in cutting calories since your body isn't going to shed muscle as easily as an ectomorph's would. Just a thought.

Wennndy said...


Everything she said.

I want to make this my Facebook status:

"Oh, and intuitive eating my ass. There's nothing intuitive about any program that involves starch restriction, nutrient timing, and absurd amounts of protein."

Laura said...

Do it, Wendy!!!!

stacey said...

lol! Yes, if it were intuitive then everyone would be doing it and Berardi would need to find another career.

Wennndy said...

did it!

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