Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last October I bought 4 pairs of slacks for my trip to Alabama.  I actually had to stop wearing these pants in December because they were too big.  I was back in them by March & out of them again because I was too big by May. 

I’m back in them today.  Loosely.  Fresh from the dry cleaners.  I am down to 152.  I guess I’ll be buying new pants again soon.  Yay!

On a silly note that makes me 3 lbs away from having a Dunkin Donut pumpkin muffin.  My reward to myself for getting down under 150 (at least 1 lb under). 

Today's leg workout was different. Standing donkey kicks are pretty cool but I really feel them in my low back. That tells me that I need to figure out the correct posture for it & keep it light until I do. I love sumo deads! I already know I have to increase my weight (I did 85 lbs today). RAARRRR! Strong like bull (when I'm done I smell like one, too).

I finished with 30 minutes on the cross trainer. I took a machine next to a guy I used to work with. He was KICKING ASS & I found myself pacing him. I did 4300 strides in 30 minutes. My heart-rate went up to 155+ & I kept it between 140 & 155 for the duration. I was soaking wet when I finished.

I ordered for Erin for her birthday.  It came in yesterday. I flipped through it & am going to have to order my own copy because YUM NOMMY! It’s not spiral bound like Vol 1 so not so easy to copy & the quality would be shite. 

I am eating so much more deliciously since starting the program. It's sad that this is a huge focus for me but I didn’t know how to make delicious meals before using this cookbook. Now that I've gotten my hands on easy, nutritious, and delicious recipes I am starting to see how I can change some of my old stand-by meals to lean them out. It's very exciting to me & John isn't complaining about the food we're eating (meaning he's enjoying it, too)!

I think we're starting to hit on my "problem areas" in the program.  Binging &  cravings.  Krista has posted some awesome info on how to battle them.  I am looking forward putting tactics to stop the binge into play!

As for the house…it showed.  That’s all we know.  It isn’t sold.  John & I are taking a week off next month.  We’re going to call the bank & find out what our options are for settling less than what we owe if any.  We know that “strategic foreclosure” is not an option (that’s just not paying the mortgage despite our ability to pay).   I’ve read a couple of articles that tell me there are options but the only way to get the bottom line is to call the bank & because we don’t have privacy in our offices we will wait until our stay-cation to make those calls.


Once we know what the bottom line is to get out we are going to reduce the asking price.  I did some research yesterday.  There are 20 houses for sale within 10 miles of our house, listed between $250 & $300k.  Some of them are comparable in size but not in great shape.  A couple of them are in “active adult” communities; 2 bedroom houses.  That’s freaking CRAZY!  The market is just so bad it’s a scary time to be making this decision but we are absolutely positive that it is the right thing for us to do. 


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stacey said...

Congratulations on being back in your pants! That is such a good feeling.

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