Wednesday, September 15, 2010

fuck me

I’m probably not getting the job because I screwed up the application process.  I’m trying not to lose hope but…it’s here in black & white.  I guess I’ll call Karen tomorrow afternoon & see what I can find out.

Good afternoon,

Disposition Letter was erroneously sent notifying you that you were selected for the position, however as an Internal AF employee and according to the eligibility you claimed in the questionaire (DoD-Transfer) you are not eligible.  

Please see your reply to below question:

DoD Transfer (Excluding Air Force)- I am currently employed as a career or career-conditional DoD (Army, Navy, Marines, DLA, DFAS, or DoDEA) employee in the competitive service. (NOTE: If you indicate "yes" for this question, you MUST submit a copy of your most recent career/career conditional SF-50 AND you must submit a copy of an SF-50 that reflects your highest grade held on a permanent basis).

A  Yes

Contact was made to the selecting official for this position from your Human Resources Liaison, Ms. Tuzzolino in reference to your selection and she was informed of your ineligibility.

I don’t know how I managed to misread that question but I did & as such that makes it look like I lied on the application.  However, Ms. Tuzzolino & I had this correspondence…

Hi Tracy,

I finally got a response from AFPC.  I screwed this one up.  I misread the questionnaire & replied that I am an employee of the Army, Navy, or other DoDEA.  Ugh!  After all of that waiting & getting my hopes up.  Excluding AF means NOT AF.  Duh.

That leads me to ask…does this exclude me from applying under this advertisement,  AFPCACQEH-324854-1102? And is this ad just one of those ads to gather applicants.

Again thank you for your assistance!

Hi Deborah,

The announcement you are referring to is one of those general announcements, and since you are a current AF employee, you cannot apply.   

Having said that, Karen is still trying to sort everything out with contracting and AFPC to definitively determine if contracting wanted to hire you but AFPC realized you were ineligible based on your questionnaire reply, and if so, is there a way to still hire you.  I would suggest keeping an eye out for other contracting positions if that is your goal(the actual openings are usually advertised/open for a week or two), and just think positive thoughts in terms of the outcome of the current situation.  I wish I could offer more positive news or an easy explanation.

If you want the very detailed explanation of what is going on, Karen Pinca is the person to speak to.  She can be reached at xxx-xxxx.

Good luck!  If I hear anything else, I will pass along the information.




Doin the Math said...

Oh no! I hope you can get it straightened out. (((Deb)))

stacey said...

Lots of good thoughts that it all works out for you!

Rose said...

More good thoughts here. So frustrating!!

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