Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still no word from AF civilian personnel about my new job. I'm completely frustrated with the process. I know it's a pain process & I knew it going in but having been selected I now feel like the people is Texas are causing me to lose money (it's a nice increase in pay). Fuckers!

I'm seriously thinking about quitting LE. Just sucking it up & trying to figure out a way to maintain my current weight.  I’m done with trying to be something I am not sure that I am…lean & mean.

I hate how I look & hate that I can't wear my favorite jeans. I hate that the pants I bought last year are too tight in the thighs.

I'm so sick & tired of dieting & depriving myself. I'm tired of working my ass off for NOTHING. I want a bagel. I want a pumpkin muffin. I want a caramel macchiato FULL SUGAR FULL FAT. I want chocolate ice cream. I want rice pudding. I want a Big Mac & fries.


We’re 7 weeks in & so far they haven’t taught me a damn thing I didn’t already know & practice on some level.  I am following their lessons & habits to the letter but need to start seeing some progress.  I need more than ‘take 30 mg of fish oil a day, don’t eat carbs unless you’ve worked out, eat complete protein with every meal, eat 4 or more meals a day.” I know that shit. 


I get that not everyone is at the same level & maybe they need to design a separate program for people that have followed or are familiar with PN.  But UGH!  I’m paying a lot of money to learn nothing.  I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I got any feedback from Krista of any value.  In fact, she hasn’t even commented on my journal in weeks.  It’s not what I expected.  There is no daily feedback. 


I’m trying to trust that this will work but am really struggling with it.  Sandi—what if any frustrations did you experience with the program?  I know it worked for you & keep telling myself that there must be something to that…

I probably have PMS.





Doin the Math said...

I don't remember having frustrations. I think I was pretty rah-rah about it. But it was a lot different then, I think. The daily interaction came mostly thru the community forum for LEP participants. Some of those conversations I did have to steer clear of, because the newbies drove me nuts. But I would only hear directly from my assigned coach (Jason Bonn, whom I loved!) once a month, unless I sent him a specific question.

I didn't drop a whole bunch of weight while I was on the program. I think 5 pounds total. But by the end of the summer, I was down 15, by staying mostly true to "the rules".

Doin the Math said...

PS: I started the January one, that ended in....May? It took til August/September to have lost 15.

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