Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's what I've eaten today

Here's what I've had so far...

2 large DD coffee w/skim milk (I'm weaning myself off cream & will be milk free by the time that little edict comes out) -- 1 before working out the other is actually still sitting on my desk.

32 oz water while working out

1 c Fage 0% yogurt with cinnamon & 2 splenda
1 baseball sized Macintosh apple (someone remind me that I don't like the texture)
2 tbs (measured) peanut butter
1 slice Ezekial bread (that I think is now stale because it was REALLY REALLY dry -- more so than usual)
5 Almonds (Planters Flavor Grove Chili Lime that I've never had before & bought this morning on my way to the office so I just HAD to try them--NOM NOMMY!)

In my lunch box (a 24 pk Polar Bear Cooler)

I will drink another 96 oz of water throughout the day--I use a Britta filtration system & have 2 -- 32 oz Sigg bottles that I refill.

1 large salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, & a tablespoon of craisins
2 tbsp Newman's Own Light Raspberry Walnut dressing
1 1/2 c curried beef (GN recipe--I forget the real name)

1 1/2 c curried beef (grabbed 2 of the same items DOH!)
20 wasabi/soy almonds

Dinner is going to be another GN recipe tweaked...

the recipe is scallops & creamed spinach sauce or something like that...I'm using shrimp in lieu of scallops because I like shrimp better.

I have not put another food item in my mouth today.

Fitterme--I didn't see any changes when I switched to PN. I have been pretty much fluctuating between 155-160 lbs for 6 months. Today I am at 155--up 1/2 lb from weigh in on Saturday.

My leg workout FREAKING ROCKED! I showed those weights what this girl is made of today. I do enjoy these workouts. They make me dread every rep. I finished up with 25 minutes on the cross trainer. I give myself a little challenge...I set the counter to show total reps so that I can see how fast I can get to 3000 reps or 25 minutes whichever comes first. Today I did 3000 reps in 22 minutes & did a total of 3600 reps (at 25 minutes I cooled down long enough to get to 3600 & quit). My average (by site not according to the machine) was around 145 the entire workout.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's EEW. I'm going to throw something together that will keep me moving around the arc trainer; some jump rope, some sprints on the treadmill next to the arc trainer, & some plank/hip dips. Hmmm, that ought to make me sweat! I'm going for a 45 minute workout.

It blows my mind that with the new AF fitness standards the gym is pretty dead in the AM--that allows me to jump on & off different machines. Then again, who am I to complain. The fewer people there are the more room I have to play.


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