Friday, September 24, 2010

real estate update

Here is our house listing.  I love my house.  I wish John could find a job but…alas.  I’m not worried about posting this here because, um, it’s on the freaking world wide web...Our agent called me out of the blue today to tell me he has taken a nice ad out in Home & Land magazine which will be published sometime next month.  Woohoo!  We haven’t shown a single time.  He told me that there hasn’t been a showing of a house over $250 since we listed.  That’s encouraging.  Not.

So I asked him the $285k question, at what price could we list our house & sell it?  Of course he hemmed & hawed & wanted to get together to talk about it after I repeatedly told him we cannot for at least two weeks & that I do not need the information today & can wait until John & I take our stay-cation next month.  He finally told me that he thinks we can sell it by Christmas if we list it at $265. 

I can live with that.  We know we’re going to have to take a loan against my 401k to get out & don’t really care.  We will be ahead of the game by buying a house that is nearly half what we currently own.  Even if John is unemployed for a while we would be okay with finances. 

We’ve got a lot to discuss/think/pray about over the next few weeks. 

On the fitness front…Loved my workout today.  I had fun with it.  I couldn’t tell you what was different except that I went in ready to kick ass & did.  Yay!


Wennndy said...

Listing looks great but wow, that's a huge price drop! Hope you can come to a decision that makes the most sense and feels good for you in the long term.

stacey said...

Your home is lovely. Good luck with all of this.

Rose said...

I agree: your house is lovely! It seems like it has some great features and will show well. Good luck!!

Doin the Math said...

How did your showing yesterday go?

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