Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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I got tired of waiting & did some digging.  I found a phone number to civilian personnel in San Antonio & called.  The person I spoke with was able to find my package.  Air Force personnel was notified that I was selected on 18 July; a mere 10 days after my interview.  She then tells me that she’ll put in a “ticket” to find out what the status of my package is but that the person handling my package has 14 days to respond to the inquiry.  Seriously?  They have known for close to 2 months that I was selected & it’s going to take another 2 weeks to get the job offer I was told I have already received…WTF?  This process is a pain in the ass.

I would really like to tell my boss that I’m leaving.  I can’t until I have the official notification.  This sucks.

I just got an email notification that Sandi asked about the soup…It was more like stew but was DELISH!  I can’t believe I didn’t use this cookbook before.  It’s so simple & yet almost everything we’ve made is really good.

1 lb of beef cubes

4 lg tomatoes cut up

1 lg onion cut up

1 cup chopped basil

3 lg garlic cloves chopped

½ lb light kidey beans

3 cups of water

Brown the beef in a skillet, transfer to crock pot.  Put the rest in the crock pot & cook for 8 hours.  YUM YUMMO!


We listed the house for $285.  We have the second highest asking price in the development.  The other house is the same type of home (bi-level) doesn’t have a deck, pool, or garage but has 5 bedrooms & 2 full baths (we are 4 & 1 ½).  It’s listed at $289 & says it has a newer kitchen but the cabinets are white.  Mike (our realtor) told us that white cabinets are not “new” & therefore he doesn’t believe it’s a newer kitchen; it also doesn’t have granite.  He showed us the last house that has sold in development—it sold 9 months ago for $255.  It was also a bi-level with 4, 1 ½, with a garage.  We don’t know the condition of the interior because it sold so long ago.   

We have to get asking price to get out of our mortgage because we put the addition on just before the market crashed & we did that with getting a line of credit.  The market crashed & our home value tanked big time.  So…

We’ll start saving big(ger) time so that if we get an offer we can afford to pay the principal down to be able to get out.   When I do start my new job the difference between my current salary & my new salary will go in the bank (after increasing my 401k another percentage).

On a different but not completely unrelated note…We have a friend from when I worked at the clinic that emailed me today & asked for John’s resume.  There is a contract position opening up that Ron thinks John will be a good fit for.  I sent the resume so now we wait.  Again. 

We’re going to New Hope on Saturday for a bike ride.  We’re going with Ron & his wife, Grace.  We are going to ride something like 20 miles & have lunch & watch people.  I’m very excited!  It’s going to be a great way to spend the day.


stacey said...

Deb, all of this is really cool, but also such big transitions in life. I imagine that can be quite the combination of exciting/stressful -especially stressful on the waiting part.

Good luck on all of it.

Doin the Math said...

What Stacey said! Sounds fantastic, but stressful at the same time. (((Deb)))

I used to love going to New Hope! Enjoy! There was a tiny little Mexican joint I loved...I would never remember the name of it.

Wennndy said...

Have fun!!!

And yes, so much going on. Making sure you take a little time along the way to process it, if you can. You are changing your home, your job, Erin moved out not too long ago, and even the structure of the new eating program can put stress on you. I hope, in addition to this weekend, you can sneak a little down time in there.

Rose said...

Congrats on the job situation (although the process/timeliness sux)!

Good luck with the house situation. Believe me, I feel your pain. However, the rest of your plans sound *very* exciting!

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