Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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I was anxious about whether I'd have an official notification about my new job so I didn't sleep well last night. I didn't eat well yesterday--very little protein & too many starchy carbs (no bread but corn on the cob, baked beans, & butternut squash). My workout paid the price. I didn't feel strong & couldn't wait to get it done. I can say that this is how my workouts feel if I had been drinking the night before...sluggish & blah.

My schedule is off due to the holiday yesterday--I took yesterday as the active rest day we're supposed to take tomorrow. I did total body today, will do EEW tomorrow, lower body on Thursday & upper body on Friday; bringing me back to on schedule for Saturday.

I haven't quit drinking all together but I have cut WAY back. We had a bottle together on Saturday & had a cosmopolitan on Sunday. Other than that there has been none--I was having a glass of wine at least 5 times a week. I have been taking Krista's advice to wait for the good stuff when indulging. We love Truro Vineyard's Diamond White & Valenzano Winery's Shamong White. Not real pricey stuff but very special to us. The Diamond White requires a trip to Cape Cod to purchase so we buy a case. We make that case last a year. It's bottled in cobalt blue lighthouse bottle which I keep & line up in my dining room window to catch the light. The Shamong White is a local wine that I get at the base liquor store. It's special to us because good friends introduced us to the vineyard & it brings back special memories. Thinking about why I'm drinking is helping to overcome the "I want to drink" thought process.

As I said my workout was sluggish today. I didn't feel strong but felt headachy throughout. I wanted to quit with every rep of every set. To make matters worse I did 25 minutes on the cross-trainer with NO TV! The cable was out on most of the cardio equipment this morning. How spoiled am I? lol I did have my iPhone but I get through the cardio by not looking at the time except at the beginning & ending of commercial breaks. In lieu of that I set the timer to track total strides. I only looked at the clock at intervals of 500. I did 3000 strides in less than 20 minutes & with a total time of 25 minutes to include my cool down.

Today's lesson was on cleaning the kitchen is sort of appropriate for me because I just told John yesterday that we need to do this in preparation for our move. My cabinets are pretty much junk free & I am slowly adding better things in--just bought almond meal, flax meal, coconut oil, & peanut oil in the last 2 trips to the store (they are EXPENSIVE!). I'm buying items as I need them for recipes from GN.

I've got kingly basil soup (GN cookbook) in my crockpot for dinner tonight & the realtor is coming to list our house tonight! YUM!

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How were the soup and the realtor? :)

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