Saturday, August 14, 2010

Would you say something?

This afternoon we had friends from church over for swimming & food. Our friend, B, is a single dad of 2 boys; 8 & 5. The boys are both bigger than they should be but the 5 year old is morbidly obese. He is maybe 4' & has to weigh at least 150+.

The 5 year old had 2 hamburgers & a hot dog, 2 ice cream desserts, chips, soda, kool-aide, & started to eat the left over cheese but I told him he had had enough to eat. This was in a 2 hour period. B just kept feeding him.

B just let him eat. B is not lean by any means but he's not huge. His son is going to be in serious trouble if B doesn't nip this thing in the bud.

Would you tell B that he needs to do something? NOW!

I'm sick about it. But here's funny (not funny ha ha but funny sad). I saw myself in this kid. I could eat like that. That realization made me sad for 2 reasons...First, because this is a little kid who is getting no guidance & obviously trying to fill some void. For me & most importantly, because I saw how gross that kind of eating can be.


stacey said...

Oh wow. That is heartbreaking. I don't know what I would do. It would really depend on the sort of person his Dad is. That is really tough.

Wennndy said...

I might say something to him, privately of course. And I'd be pretty humble/self-deprecating/careful when I said it.

Kids do get used to that overfull feeling in their stomachs and they start to think it's normal to feel that way. (Adults do too, but I think it's more profound in kids.)

Deb said...

I won't be saying anything to B but I was curious about your reaction to it. Sadly because this kids is so fucking huge you can't even say he's cute. He's disgusting & it's his parents fault. Period.

B doesn't even try with the kids & that pisses me off, too. Another story for another time.

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