Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 2 done & pics

The first two weeks are pretty much all about getting familiar with working out. Mostly for beginners but the workouts are no joke; IMHO anyway. We start getting into nutrition & energy expenditure workouts (EEW) starting tomorrow.

Here are pictures from last week...

They aren't horrible. I can see muscle. It's just going to be the diet thing.

That's all. Nothing exciting happening here. Have a nice week.


Doin the Math said...

Far from horrible!! You are so close to having everything you want. All that muscle is there! :)

Nice tan, too!

stacey said...

So very much not horrible! Good luck with all of this, Deb. I know you want it really badly and am looking forward to giving you a big "Woohoo!" when you meet your goals!

Laura said...

All my clients should look so horrible! You have a great base of muscle and look very fit overall. A few dietary tweaks and you'll be there!

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