Tuesday, August 17, 2010

copied from my PN log that I'm posting in every day either...

I woke up at 11:45 last night after having had a nightmare about my boss. I didn't get back to sleep until after 2:00. When the alarm went off at 4:00 I thought about staying in bed for another 2 hours but I didn't! I got my butt out of bed & went to the gym. I thought I wouldn't be able to rock it. I was SOOOOO wrong!

I determined that no matter how tired I feel I'm giving it my best.

I've decided that when I have time I'm going to post my workout results (I'm posting them here because I know that you won't steal them)...So here I go:

2 sets of the warm up; 5 reps of everything


Chin-ups: 3 sets of 4 assisted using the medium weight Iron Woody band from their pull-up set
Pull-ups: 2 sets of 2 using the same band
Neutral grip pull-ups: 3 reps at 55 lbs, 2 sets of 4 at 50 lbs
Bent-over DB rows: 3 sets of 5 with a 30 lb dumbbell -- I'm going to 4 sets on Friday
BB corner row: 4 sets of 5 with the bar & 30 lbs
Push-ups: 4 sets of 5, going to 5 sets on Friday
Incline DB bench press: 4 sets of 5 at 25 lbs
BB corner press: 4 sets of 5 with the bar & 25 lbs
Close-grip push-ups: 3 sets of 4; these are hard!
1-arm DB shoulder press: 1 set of 5 with 15 lbs, 3 sets of 5 with 20 lbs
Standing BB shoulder press: short oly bar (which I just learned weighs 33.7 lbs)--1 set of 5 at 38 lbs & 3 sets of 5 at 43 lbs. I'll go up to the big bar on Friday!

I had 10 minutes before I needed to get ready for work so I did 5 minutes on the treadmill, 1 minute to get acclimated to the motion & then 4 minutes 20/10 at 8 MPH.

I'm going lighter than I normally would because I'm not used to the volume of these workouts. I need to get some power grips because I can no longer lift dumb bells for bench presses! I want to go up but need a spot. Leanne is on her way to Afghanistan so I gots no one. I need to suck it up & ask one of the men...

Anywho, here's what I had to eat...

Preworkout I had a Muscle Milk shake.

I'm having my post workout meal:

1 c Fage 0% yogurt
1/2 c fresh strawberries/blueberries
a splash of sugar-free vanilla syrup
1/2 cup raw oats

I have a salad & chicken & mixed veggies & a turkey burger (no bun) for later.

Dinner is going to be tilapia & asparagus.

Tomorrow we do our first energy expenditure workouts--EEW! lol I can't wait.

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