Thursday, July 29, 2010

workouts & jobs

Today was cardio day.  I thought I was going to do the 500 rep thing from BodyRock but my legs had other plans for me.  I have just a little bit of DOMS going on that doing lunges & sumo squats let me know doing any other leg work was going to be a big no go.  I did 10 minutes of the workout—reverse lunges with a front kick, mountain climbers, sumo squats with side kick, push-ups, & v-ups (50 each exercise).  I finished up with 10 minutes steady state & 20 minutes (1 on, 1 off) HIIT on the cross trainer.  Go me!

I’ve been tracking my food extremely closely.  I’m averaging about 1300-1400 calories a day.  I’m drinking a gallon (measured) of water.  I’m down to 147. 

John has been applying for jobs like crazy.  Yesterday he received a message from a company that has a branch in Barrington (and one in Florida where we hope to end up in 5 to 10 years); which is about 20 minutes from us.  They have a position for a site manager.  He sent me a text that he called them back this morning & is scheduled for an interview with them next Thursday.  I haven’t talked to him to get any more details than that.  I can’t wait until I get off work & can talk to him!!!  He’s had a couple of phone calls in the past but when they discuss his current salary they get skittish.  He’s making really good money for the type of work that he does.  The potential employers in this area want to pay less.  We know that. We accept that.  It’s not a problem.  For us.  What he’s been experiencing is that the potential employers think he’ll leave all too soon for a higher paying job.  He won’t.  When he got this job offer he was asked what it would take for him to move.  He asked for a ridiculous salary thinking there was no way they would give it to him.  They did.  He took the job thinking he would do it for a year & find a new job in that time…We’re now more than a year out & this will be the FIRST interview. 

We’re praying that this is the right job at the right time with the right salary. 

I don’t anticipate hearing anything on the job I’m waiting to hear about for at least another 3 weeks.


Doin the Math said...

Good luck for John!!

Wennndy said...

Yep! Good luck!!!

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