Friday, July 30, 2010

Chest & Arms

I did chest & arms today…3 sets of 15

Incline db press: 30 (1)/25 (2)

BB press: 70 (1)/65(2)

DB flyes: 25

DB curls: 20 (1)/20 for 5 reps 15 for 10 reps/15 for 10 reps 10 for 5 reps

BB skullcrushers: 40 lbs


My arms were shaking & SUPER DUPER pumped.  I have this almost invisible scar (you wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t show it to you & you weren’t standing REALLY close to me) on my right bicep.  Today when I was doing curls it popped out!  It caught me off guard but then I thought, “check me out, I’m the incredible Hulkette!”  LOL

We’ve changed our plans for tomorrow.  We’ve decided to go to Philly & play tourist in the late afternoon—around 2.  We’re going to the Firemen’s Hall & the Independence Seaport Museum.  Then we are going to Cavanaugh’s River Deck for drinks & appetizers.  The last food hurrah until I learn to get it under control.

I’m down to 156.5!!!!  I can’t wait to make the scale dip below 150 again. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! I'm sure you will continue to do great.

I LOVE touristing in Philly! I think there is so much fun stuff to do there. Have fun, Ms. Hulkette! Wear a beater! xo

Wennndy said...

Great job on the workout. Woot!!!! Nice weights. :) Have fun!!

Doin the Math said...

Nice work!! :)

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