Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The gym was busy today.  We have 2 squat racks.  Both were in use.  Fortunately we also have 2 Smith machines.  I used one for the first time today.  It’s an interesting feel.  I was able to squat 120 lbs using it.  Go me. 


Squats: 115 (3)/120 (2)

Walking lunges: 25 lbs

Romanian deadlifts: 95 (4)/100(1) GO ME!!!

Step-ups: 25 (3)/20 (2)


I wanted to do HIIT on the treadmill but my back has been wonky & bothered me when I tried to run so I opted for 30 minutes on the elliptical today.


My weight is coming down.  I’m eating about 1300-1400 calories a day.  I’m only eating 5 meals as opposed to 6.  I just can’t get 6 in—timing issues.  I feel pretty good.  I’m a little tired but I am currently attributing it to lack of sleep—I wake up several times a night.  I’m happy with the loss so I’m not concerned about the missed meal but will have to figure something out if JB requires on 6 meals.  I’m currently down to 157.5.  WAHOO!

On Saturday John & I are going to Ocean City, NJ.  We haven’t done anything “fun” in a long time & I need fun.  When I say we haven’t done anything fun it’s because we haven’t left the house.  I need to get out.  We’re going in search of boardwalk games, rides, & fresh seafood.  We’re going to ride the motorcycle down.  With John’s schedule we haven’t been out of a ride since I posted how much I hate riding.  I still hate it but feel guilty because he won’t go out on it unless I go with him…So…it will be a long ride but at least the roads we’ll travel are not highways (we take back roads). 

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Doin the Math said...

Oooo, have fun in Ocean City!!

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