Thursday, July 22, 2010


It’s almost the end of the week already.  I’m so glad!  I’m tired. 

I tried tracking my food yesterday but didn’t track after I got home.  I just put in today’s meals & exercise so far only to have LiveStrong eat my data.  Sheesh.

I ordered a FitBit.  My heart rate monitor is dead & I needed a new one.  Decided this was better than a regular old HR monitor.  I might try to get the battery replaced just so I can compare the way Wendy was doing for a while.

I haven’t started reading Burn the Fat yet.  I’m still reading the Anne Lamott book I bought.  It’s good. 

Laura said she might start caring about her diet when she can’t wear her Lucky’s…Already there.  le tres grande sigh as she put it.  I’ve been wearing dresses to work because I don’t have pants that fit.  You would think I would care…I do.  I’m trying.  I really am. 

Part of my frustration is comparing myself to other women (you all included).  I have got to stop doing that!  I am not Wendy, Laura, Sandi, Leanne.  I’m more like….Me. 

I did 28 minutes on the cross trainer today & then did a 14 minute mile walk.  I have a friend that has failed the AF fitness standards.  She’s overweight & can’t do push-ups because of shoulder pain.  She can’t run but can do the 1 mile walk.  She has to get down to 1 mile in 13 minutes.  She’s training 4 times a week for that.  I’ll do it with her as often as I can to push her.  She says she’s eating 1500 calories a day to lose weight.  I don’t see believe it…Um, hello, pot…kettle.  Yep.

Anyway, I’ve eaten 1017 calories so far today.  What the hell?  That’s not good! It’s all good stuff but it’s a lot of good stuff.  I’m going to have to cut that shit out!


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Laura said...

I might start caring ... or I might just say "See ya, Lucky, hello J.Jill" :)

Dresses are awesome. YOU are awesome.

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